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“Paul and I thank you very much for your help. We will refer people your way as often as possible.”- Leigh Morris

"Thank you, Duvall Electric! For donating electrical supplies and installation for our new office addition, we apreciate all that you have done."- Lindbergh staff, students, and families

Mission Critical

Organizations like yours have invested in costly redundant and mirrored systems to protect and store data, but even the most robust information system is only as reliable as the infrastructure that powers and protects it. This is why many of the Central region’s most demanding companies rely on Duvall Electric, LLC. to assess their mission-critical data and communications infrastructures and to provide the highest-quality power restoration solutions available.
With the deployment of new equipment and technologies, power density is on the rise. Providing the power and the associated cooling for these devices are the two biggest challenges in data centers and mission critical facilities today. Planning for enough capacity, while maintaining compliance with an ever-growing amount of regulations has never been more important. Given that data centers are the heartbeat of commerce and government, downtime is not an option.

Critical Work Plan Development
Working in an existing critical environment requires detailed planning and implementation. Whether your facility has an existing procedure in place (MOP, CECC) or needs assistance with development of procedures, Duvall Electric, LLC. has the expertise to provide you with the quality solutions you need.
Risk Assessment
Our goal is to protect and prevent our customers from experiencing an electrical system failure. To accomplish this, we provide comprehensive system analysis to determine reliability and susceptibility. Utilizing the latest technology in combination with continuously educated craftsmen, Duvall Electric, LLC is uniquely qualified to identify and mitigate risks to eliminate the possibility of system failure.
Critical Electrical System Replacement /Upgrades
Upgrading and or replacement of critical systems like generators and UPS systems require expert installation to avoid costly down time. Our skill in the development of alternative solutions to complex situations minimize your risk and down time during the replacement and upgrade of critical systems.