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“Enclosed please find a certificate thanking you for your participation in “Operation: Power Up!”, a successful effort between area electricians, PSO and the City of Tulsa that restored power to several thousand homes.

You came to Tulsa’s aid in a time of great need to bring electricity back to our citizens, in the aftermath of the worst ice storm in Oklahoma history. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated, both by me and the whole Tulsa community.- Kathy Taylor, Mayor of Tulsa

“Paul and I thank you very much for your help. We will refer people your way as often as possible.”- Leigh Morris

Safety Programs

Duvall Electric, LLC. is profoundly committed to creating the safest workplace environment possible.  The elimination of potential hazards, prevention of accidents and achievement of safe working practices are part of our daily goals. 
Our long-term success is a direct result of our company wide “Accident Avoidance” program. Duvall Electric, LLC.’s obligation to the well being of our employees begins with our full-time safety director tasked with ensuring that all Duvall Electric, LLC. employees are equipped and trained in the latest safe working practices and technologies.  This remarkable effort has resulted in endless man-hours without a lost time accident.
Duvall Electric, LLC. is proud of its safety culture and relentless effort to maintain an injury-free environment. Our collaborative effort involves every member of our field team, from the top down, investing substantial hours in communication, training and education, arming our employees with the knowledge necessary to sustain our impressive record of safety without compromise.
When safety is our focus, your company benefits by the reduction and elimination of risks to manpower and facilities.